Zip-off hood or button-off hood gives protection to the wearers in windy and cold weather. When weather is good, the hood can be taken off to make and jacket lighter and more casual.

Width adjustable collar

By applying a draw string along the collar, the collar becomes adjustable, this gives better protection to the wearer in windy weather.

Napoleon pocket

Napoleon pocket is situated under the storm flap, at the chest height. This pocket can be accessed without unzipping the jacket, thus the wind, cold or rain is kept out.

Detachable sleeves/legs

Zip-off sleeves or legs make it easy to adapt to the weather or situation. In hot weather for example, long outdoor pants can be converted into airy Bermudas or shorts.

Button up sleeves

Although rolling up your sleeves is fashionable, keeping slipping down is really tiresome. By using a button and tab, the sleeves won't trouble you any more.

Brushed mesh lining

Brushed mesh lining in the pockets keep the hands warm and comfortable.

Lift pass pocket/Safety pocket

The transparent pocket on the left sleeve makes it unnecessary to get out the pass while making access to the lifts, life is therefore becoming easier.

Stretch inserts

Stretch inserts located at ergonomically beneficial places such as underarms help increase overall comfort.

MP3 player pocket with headset loops

A lot of people like to go with music in their spare time. This MP3 players pocket makes it easier for the wearers to enjoy their music.

Mobile phone pocket with headset loops

This pocket is a safe guard of your phone and make it very convenient to use your phone.

Laser cut elements

Laser cutting is one of the latest methods of joining materials. The advantage of this method is that the cut edge is automatically welded, which avoids any fraying. Laser cut elements make the garments look modern and professional.

Zip-in zip-out jacket

Zip-in jackets – usually fleece, or soft shell – are attached to the outer jacket with a zip, but can also be used as a jacket individually.

Contour-cut knee/sleeves

For optimum wearer comfort the models are equipped with contoured elbows, which positively accommodate the sport specific movements of the wearer.

Shoulder reinforcement

Many models are reinforced with special hard-wearing polyester reinforcement in the shoulder area, where it is most needed.


Underarm ventilation vents allow warm air to pass outwards quickly, leaving the wearer dry and comfortable.